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“…heal the body from the inside out…The Bergman Method is a deeply relaxing, anti-ageing treatment that eliminates the need for Botox” Zsa Zsa Veller, Hip & Healthy

Experience inner wellbeing and lift your face and spirit in one blissful treatment!

If your goal is to become a healthier looking more vibrant version of you, then this treatment can help you achieve that in the most holistic and blissful way possible! It may be that you have specific ageing-signs which you’d love to address. Or due to illness or stress, you feel your face isn’t reflecting the ‘best’ you. Perhaps you have a big event approaching and want to look and feel your brightest.

The Zone Face Lift™ is beauty from the inside out. It uniquely combines Pressure Point work and Asian Body Mapping to support your health and wellbeing together with Advanced Facelift Massage and specialist smoothing tools. The result is a radiant complexion, and over a series of treatments skin on the face and neck can appear plumper, tighter and smoother. 

By releasing layers of tension held in the face, you will both feel and look rejuvenated. These techniques are not only extremely effective, but are also wonderfully nurturing and restorative to receive. Each Zone Face Lift treatment is individually tailored to include:

  • Facial Reflexology 
  • Japanese Facelift Massage 
  • Quartz crystals for their healing properties
  • Specialist Tools such as Facial Gua Sha, Facial Rollers, or Facial Cupping
  • Foot and/ or Hand Reflexology (within a 90 minute treatment)

During the course of a 12 week programme you will also receive a bespoke holistic facial, a free facial tool, and specific weekly instructions for simple, effective (and enjoyable!) home practice of these techniques. These will enhance the effects of treatments.

Ear Candling can be added to any treatment, please ask.

Benefits of the Zone Face Lift treatment include: 
  • Stimulation of collagen production, plumping and tightening skin and sculpting of neckline.
  • Reprogramming of facial muscles to relax and lift.
  • Calming and uplifting, Facial Reflexology gives all the health benefits of foot reflexology. Based on the theory that reflex points on the face are connected to all areas of the body, by stimulating these areas the body is brought back into balance.
  • Improving lymphatic drainage, serving as a facial detox for clearer skin and reducing puffiness. 
  • Reducing stress and can support people with conditions such as migraines, sinus congestion, insomnia, teeth grinding, and depression.
  • A glowing complexion after just one treatment.

"A contender for London's best facial treatment. Afterwards my brow was less furrowed, my eyes brighter, my cheekbones sharper".
- Sarah Vine, Beauty Editor, on Zone Face Lift.

The Zone Face Lift has been developed by Ziggie Bergman award winning facial reflexologist and beauty expert, based in London.

  • Japanese facelift massage techniques, which release tension in facial muscles and connective tissue. Muscles are re-programmed. Collagen and elastin production are stimulated. Blood and lymphatic circulation are improved, serving as a facial detox.

  • Facial Gua Sha and Facial Rollers, which ‘iron-out’ fine lines and stimulate collagen and elastin tightening. They also sculpt the jawline, lifting and reducing any puffiness.

  • Quartz crystals are used for their healing properties.

The Zone Face Lift includes facial reflexology, which has all the health benefits of foot reflexology. It uses pressure- point massage, Asian body maps and Native American healing techniques.

This is a kinder, non-invasive approach to looking younger, and skin will appear plumper, firmer and smoother. It aims to leave your complexion glowing and radiant, even after the very first treatment.

A 12- week programme can take as much as 10 years off your face. For some this can eliminate the need for Botox or dermal fillers. Layers of emotion held in the face can be released, enabling you to both feel and look rejuvenated!

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As an experienced reflexologist I have worked with many clients during pregnancy, and frequently work with people with fertility issues.

I also have extensive experience of working with women going through menopause, and with people who have digestive disorders, insomnia, back pain, neck and shoulder tension, headaches, foot pain, sinus problems, neurological conditions, impaired immunity, menstrual disorders, ME/chronic fatigue syndrome, and mental and emotional health issues who may be feeling stressed. [more…]

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