How Can Reflexology Help Me?

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Whatever your current health issues, reflexology can support you. It can help you increase your levels of relaxation, energy, and your sense of well-being. After a course of treatments people commonly report feeling better in themselves.

Reflexology can help you release stress and tension, sleep better, and help you cope better with any health conditions you may have. It can be used to help restore and maintain the body’s natural balance.

It is a deeply relaxing treatment, which some choose to have as an occasional treat, whilst others come regularly, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, to allow the health benefits to accumulate.

Whether your health needs are physical, emotional, or you just want to spend more time looking after yourself, reflexology is a wonderful treatment to have.

To discuss with Liz how reflexology may benefit you or to book an appointment call 07957 275264.

Maybe you’re unable to come to the clinic for health reasons, you’re limited for time, or just like the idea of not having to travel after a treatment- and not even having to put your shoes back on! Then a home visit is for you!

To book a home visit call 07957 275264

Please note I have a 24-hours cancellation policy. I reserve the right to charge 50% of appointment fee for missed appointments or cancellations within 24-hours.

  • I’ve been seeing Liz regularly since early 2013.  I immediately felt at ease and cared for. Apart from the treatment being relaxing, Liz has got me back on my feet (pardon the pun!) following 2 operations, aiding the healing process.  Stress and anxieties are reduced and I sleep better.  Thanks to Liz and the wonder of reflexology my vitality and wellbeing are maintainedLes, Health & Social Care Professional, 2016
  • I have been seeing Liz for about 18 months. She is a lovely lady who makes you feel relaxed during and after treatment. I feel that reflexology has certainly helped ease aches and pains, I highly recommend Liz and I am sure like me you will benefit from seeing herPauline (Retired Book keeper, 2016)
  • I have chronic sinusitis and rhinitis and this is exacerbated by hayfever which is particularly bad for me this time of the year. The symptoms of this include feeling pressure behind my eyes, on my forehead and under my eyes, and I have tension headaches. I have experienced such relief, being able to move my face easier. Liz has also given me tips and advice on how to alleviate discomfort caused by the pressure myself.
    I would happily see Liz again for further treatment…Nadia, Social Worker, 2016
  • Liz's treatments have been a revelation. I find reflexology more convenient than massage, but just as - if not more - relaxing and effective. Liz has a warm, calm manner and approaches our sessions sensitively and intuitively. I have been amazed to feel the reflex points having an effect on specific areas of my body. I credit my regular treatments with helping me sail through a very stressful period of my life.  Thank you!Jo, Speech Therapist, 2015
  • Liz’s work is first- class. My health has definitely improved since going to her for reflexology. The weekly session I have is always a relaxing, enjoyable experience. I highly recommend her. Herbie, retired Alexander Technique practitioner & musician
  • Having been to a few reflexologists over the years I find Liz one of the best. She is friendly and makes you feel very comfortable with each session tailored to your needs. I often come out of my session as if walking on a cushion of air and since I have been going to see Liz I am better in my health and pains have reduced or gone completely.Jimmi (Bus driver)
  • Liz is a pleasure to visit. She is friendly & shows an interest in me & how I am…. I always relax completely & drift off to sleep during the session- not something that comes easily to me normally as I have such a busy mind. My fortnightly visits to Liz have become an essential part of my wellbeing routine.Catherine, Business owner “Selling from the Heart”
  • Having had continuous headaches due to a kidney problem, I’ve tried a few reflexologists. With Liz’s treatments, nimble hands & knowledge, I’ve not only slept better but also been able to reduce the intake of medication for headaches. You almost feel like you’re walking on pillows after her treatments.Alan
  • It has been an absolute delight and pleasure to complete the Zone Face Lift 12 week programme with Liz Linington. I can both see and feel the benefits of the treatments. Lines on my face are less deep, and my jawline is more defined. My skin tone is more even, and the area below my cheekbones isn’t hollowed like before. I’m sleeping better and my mood is much better. I love the smell and feel of the products used, and after sessions it feels like my skin is dancing! I will definitely continue with treatments.Les, Health & Social Care Professional, 2016

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Celebrate a special occasion with a friend, partner or relative.

Sixty minute and ninety minute treatment options can include:
  • chair massage,
  • feet,
  • hands,
  • or facial reflexology.
Call to discuss your exact requirements.

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As an experienced reflexologist I have worked with many clients during pregnancy, and frequently work with people with fertility issues.

I also have extensive experience of working with women going through menopause, and with people who have digestive disorders, insomnia, back pain, neck and shoulder tension, headaches, foot pain, sinus problems, neurological conditions, impaired immunity, menstrual disorders, ME/chronic fatigue syndrome, and mental and emotional health issues who may be feeling stressed. [more…]

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Phone: 07957 275264

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